Saturday, July 30, 2011

Addicted to pinterest!

Watch out Lowe's, here come many teachers your way! Paint strips to make 5/10 frames!

Easy-peasy bookmarks

So, how many times a day are we asked...What time do we go to lunch? When do we go home? Here is the answer to our problem, just refer them to this wall!

Love this idea for reviewing word families

Not sure if it will work, but it is worth a try!

Genius!! Replace the pictures with presidents or famous people. You can make up que cards to help them out. Great review!

A few things around my room...

I love, love, love this behavior system we found on a blog!! It works so well. Student's start on green each day, and by their actions they can move up or down. I put a behavior contract in their folders every Monday, and they color in the color they were on each day. Before students pack they must bring their folders by for me to initial. If they are "Off the Chart" (above pink) I wear their clothespin around on my name tag for everyone in the school to see. They love it! Each day they make it to pink, they earn a jewel on their clothespin. When they have earned 5 jewels, their clothespin hangs on "Hall of Fame" and they start fresh with a new clothespin.

Could not live without The Daily 5, if you have not read the book- it is a must!

Quick stick word wall from, love it.

Where are we?
 Students were put into groups and drew a location out of a cup. To end our geography unit each group had to desgin or decorate the location they picked. They did a great job!

Also, along with The Daily 5 the C.A.F.E book is a must read. Loved using this board this year!

Dr. Seuss Fun

My costume I made for Read Across America week at school. I found these yellow overalls at Goodwill and used a boa to cut up for the feathers and green felt for my star.
I was a Star Belly Sneech!

We had green eggs and ham! The kids were not sure what to think, but ended up loving it!

Contraction Surgery

I made these wonderful little mask for my students to feel like real doctors while they were "operating". I made them by using the stretchy headbands (5 in a pack at the Dollar Tree) and cutting a piece of felt into 4 pieces and using hot glue. Ta Da!

Each student was given a sentence strip with two words on it and an apostrophe. The assignment was to "operate" and take out the letter that was not needed and to replace it with the apostrophe. The students had a ball!

Little blurry, but here is our finished work!

Also, thanks again to my blogging friends for the inspiration!


My title for the hallway was made with different types of blue scrapbook paper!

We taught our Force and Motion unit during this time in the year. What better way to explain than to have the students to use force to toboggan like a penguin on a wheelie board! They loved it!

I made a life size emperor penguin (4 ft.) and hung it in the hallway for my students to compare their heights with the penguin.

I made 150 of these little guys! Black craft rocks from Hobby Lobby and paint pens, easy creation! We played so many different math games with these little guys. They each had a different number on the back of them, some with addition and subtraction signs as well. Thanks to my blogging friends for the idea of these little guys!


Made on Word and enlarged with our school's poster maker. I attached a gallon zip lock bag onto the back and I can easily change out the items for students to estimate!
Fun Fall activity. Each student got there own sticky note to estimate how many seeds were in the pumpkin. We paired with another first grade class to see whose guesses were the closest. This book was the perfect tie-in with the lesson.

Estimation Station

I can't wait to try this out with my kiddos this year. I made these on postcards on I am going to send a card and a container home with a different student each Friday. If they forget to fill the jar over the weekend I will let them pick from something in the room Monday morning.

Western Theme...

Last year I decided to do a western theme in my classroom, these pictures were from moving in my classroom so not everything was complete just yet!
I made the banner on! I also made the crate seats myself, the kids loved them! I found some seat cushions at a thrift store and covered them with cute bandannas, it was a perfect fit! You can flip them over and use wood to cover the hole and use the crate for storage as well.
I found this cute cow at Hobby Lobby on the clearance rack. The sign was busted and said "welcome". I turned it around and used felt letters to put my name! It was a perfect addition to my western theme!

Crafting this summer...

After spending endless hours on, I have become highly addicted and inspired!! I can not wait to try these things out in my classroom this year!
So simple! I got a cardboard letter from Hobby Lobby to help with an easy layout. I simply used a knife to cut the crayons and hot glued them on! I found my shadow box at the Christmas Tree Shop for $5!
Dish rack holder! File folders fit perfect! Easy way to organize without spending a lot of money. Also, comes complete with a place to store your favorite pens and pencils!
I am going to hang this outside my classroom door! All you need is a light weight 8x10 picture frame, an 8x10 piece of scrapbook paper, a dry erase marker and a printer or sharpie! I just simply typed what I wanted on Word, printed it on my scrapbook paper then glued a white rectangle on that sheet. Next step, insert in frame, glue on ribbon and WA LA! You have a cute sign for outside your door! Dry erase maker easily erases off the glass! 

My homemade dry erase easel! All you need is a 12x12 frame, and easel stand and a 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper! Put it all together and you have a cute and easy easel. I am going to use some fun paper and use it on my guided reading table in my classroom! Dry erase makers work perfect on the glass!
Easy way to change it up a little bit! Get a ruler and a sharpie and you have a dry erase calendar that you can change up each month! Same steps as above!