Friday, August 5, 2011

Ok, get out your beanie babies...I know you have them!

After discussing animal habitats, this was a wonderful way to wrap up the lesson! I was so amazed at the creative ideas they came up, the students LOVED this project!

First: Round up lots of shoe boxes from friends and family

Second: Go to your teacher closet and get out all our craft stuff (even the stuff you wouldn't think they would use...because they will.) :)

Third: Assign students to an animal. Enjoy! (but don't freak out about the mess because it will go away!)

ps. these are the McDonald's happy meal beanie babies, so they were the smaller ones.

Love the ice cycles...made out of Q-Tips

All students had to complete the activity above. They had to pull books and do research themselves to find out what their animal's habitat looked like.

Goldfish- rocks made with bottle caps, little fly made with yarn and paper. :)

Rain drops were Q-Tips colored blue

 Must do again next year!!


  1. How did you attach them to the wall?

  2. how did you attach them to the wall?

  3. do you have the template for the animal habitats?

  4. I love how you had them on the wall. We do this project every year, but I didn't think about that. What did you do to attach them to the wall?