Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Hobby!

So...I know I have not posted in awhile, I have had A LOT going on in my little life. However, I have picked up a new hobby...making deco mesh wreaths! I have sold quite a few and it's so fun! Check out my creations! http://www.facebook.com/creationsbykshelton
and I have added just a few on Etsy!

Here is a sneak peak!

Spring/Summer Wreath                    

Baby Shower/Coming Home Wreath

Memorial Day/4th of July Wreath

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Daily 5

If you use Daily 5 in your classroom (which I highly recommend) this is a great website with TONS of resources. The link "Daily 5 for Dummies" is a life savor!!!

Daily 5

Friday, August 19, 2011

My room has been "pinterest-fied" :)

Space Theme!

With much inspiration from pinterest.com, my room is almost ready for my new little ones!

 Here are my little creatures I made to go above my reading center. "Reading takes you out of this world!"

Few things around my room!
"Shoot for the moon even if you miss you'll land among stars"

Here are a few of my summer creations, can't wait to try them out in my classroom this year!

Photo board we made at staff development and painted a cookie sheet to hang little notes or reminders.
I made clocks for recess, specials and lunch that I put beside my clock that show the time.

Had to add a little ribbon to my stool :)
My canvas I found a Burks Outlet for $.33! It was 95% off, whoa whoo!! I added two hooks to the bottom to hang lunch tags. On the magnetic board above I am going to hang their two lunch choices and have them place their tag on either the left or right side of the board, depending on what they want.
 My rules are in place! I have each of these on a power point that we will go over the first day and discuss. Also, the two little robots at the bottom are hot glued onto clothes pins so I can hang notes or reminders. (This is by the door)
On my classroom door, I am going to velcro a dry erase maker on the side of the frame.

Hallway. My banner I made from vistaprint.com, few more touches to go here but almost finished!
 made with adhesive scrapbook paper
My back door, calendar area. Even though I am doing all of this on the Smartboard this year, I still wanted a reference for the kids to have.

Cute little astronaut holding our flag.
Writer's Workshop station
Writing paper and supplies

Still a work in progress, more pics to come once complete!

Friday, August 12, 2011

CAFE board

After searching online and on proteacher.net for many hours, I never stumbled upon the CAFE headers that fit my classroom. Therefore, I made my own! Check them out! I have them saved if anyone is interested in using them.


I am going to post these beside my clock in my classroom. I will refer the kids to them every time they ask me when it is time to go to one of these destinations.


Found on pinterest.com

Think Before You Speak Poster: Download here

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Follow me

I know you keep hearing me talk about Pinterest, well you can follow me on my page if you would like. It is free to be a member, but warning it is totally addicting!! Here is my link..."Teacher Stuff"

Friday, August 5, 2011

Ok, get out your beanie babies...I know you have them!

After discussing animal habitats, this was a wonderful way to wrap up the lesson! I was so amazed at the creative ideas they came up, the students LOVED this project!

First: Round up lots of shoe boxes from friends and family

Second: Go to your teacher closet and get out all our craft stuff (even the stuff you wouldn't think they would use...because they will.) :)

Third: Assign students to an animal. Enjoy! (but don't freak out about the mess because it will go away!)

ps. these are the McDonald's happy meal beanie babies, so they were the smaller ones.

Love the ice cycles...made out of Q-Tips

All students had to complete the activity above. They had to pull books and do research themselves to find out what their animal's habitat looked like.

Goldfish- rocks made with bottle caps, little fly made with yarn and paper. :)

Rain drops were Q-Tips colored blue

 Must do again next year!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Class rules...framed :)

Cheap frames from Ikea. Props to pinterest.com for the idea and my wonderful co-worker Miss W for typing them up!

Cute clothespins

So here it what you do...get some self adhesive scrapbook paper (Hobby Lobby) and once I cut it in half it was the perfect size for the clothespins. Peel the paper of the back off the scrapbook paper and stick. It is that easy!

Here is what I plan to do with them...
I am going to hang the yard sticks in the hallway to display student work. I will post pictures in a few days, as soon as I can get in my classroom and work!

Props to these blogs, these are awesome!

My favorite word helpers and bookmarks: Thank you http://thefirstgradeparade.blogspot.com/

I have...who has usig enviromental print: This is from http://www.eduperry.com/

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Addicted to pinterest!

Watch out Lowe's, here come many teachers your way! Paint strips to make 5/10 frames!

Easy-peasy bookmarks

So, how many times a day are we asked...What time do we go to lunch? When do we go home? Here is the answer to our problem, just refer them to this wall!

Love this idea for reviewing word families

Not sure if it will work, but it is worth a try!

Genius!! Replace the pictures with presidents or famous people. You can make up que cards to help them out. Great review!

A few things around my room...

I love, love, love this behavior system we found on a blog!! It works so well. Student's start on green each day, and by their actions they can move up or down. I put a behavior contract in their folders every Monday, and they color in the color they were on each day. Before students pack they must bring their folders by for me to initial. If they are "Off the Chart" (above pink) I wear their clothespin around on my name tag for everyone in the school to see. They love it! Each day they make it to pink, they earn a jewel on their clothespin. When they have earned 5 jewels, their clothespin hangs on "Hall of Fame" and they start fresh with a new clothespin.

Could not live without The Daily 5, if you have not read the book- it is a must!

Quick stick word wall from carsondellosa.com, love it.

Where are we?
 Students were put into groups and drew a location out of a cup. To end our geography unit each group had to desgin or decorate the location they picked. They did a great job!

Also, along with The Daily 5 the C.A.F.E book is a must read. Loved using this board this year!