Saturday, July 30, 2011

A few things around my room...

I love, love, love this behavior system we found on a blog!! It works so well. Student's start on green each day, and by their actions they can move up or down. I put a behavior contract in their folders every Monday, and they color in the color they were on each day. Before students pack they must bring their folders by for me to initial. If they are "Off the Chart" (above pink) I wear their clothespin around on my name tag for everyone in the school to see. They love it! Each day they make it to pink, they earn a jewel on their clothespin. When they have earned 5 jewels, their clothespin hangs on "Hall of Fame" and they start fresh with a new clothespin.

Could not live without The Daily 5, if you have not read the book- it is a must!

Quick stick word wall from, love it.

Where are we?
 Students were put into groups and drew a location out of a cup. To end our geography unit each group had to desgin or decorate the location they picked. They did a great job!

Also, along with The Daily 5 the C.A.F.E book is a must read. Loved using this board this year!

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