Saturday, July 30, 2011

Crafting this summer...

After spending endless hours on, I have become highly addicted and inspired!! I can not wait to try these things out in my classroom this year!
So simple! I got a cardboard letter from Hobby Lobby to help with an easy layout. I simply used a knife to cut the crayons and hot glued them on! I found my shadow box at the Christmas Tree Shop for $5!
Dish rack holder! File folders fit perfect! Easy way to organize without spending a lot of money. Also, comes complete with a place to store your favorite pens and pencils!
I am going to hang this outside my classroom door! All you need is a light weight 8x10 picture frame, an 8x10 piece of scrapbook paper, a dry erase marker and a printer or sharpie! I just simply typed what I wanted on Word, printed it on my scrapbook paper then glued a white rectangle on that sheet. Next step, insert in frame, glue on ribbon and WA LA! You have a cute sign for outside your door! Dry erase maker easily erases off the glass! 

My homemade dry erase easel! All you need is a 12x12 frame, and easel stand and a 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper! Put it all together and you have a cute and easy easel. I am going to use some fun paper and use it on my guided reading table in my classroom! Dry erase makers work perfect on the glass!
Easy way to change it up a little bit! Get a ruler and a sharpie and you have a dry erase calendar that you can change up each month! Same steps as above!

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